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7 Billionaire's Rules For Success: Growing Rich From Your Thinking

7 Billionaire's Rules For Success: Growing Rich From Your Thinking

par David Dagen

The purpose of this book is to identify some of the successful strategies employed by people such as Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Carlos Slim, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson. These businessmen, all incredibly successful in their respective fields of expertise, share another thing in common: they're all billionaires!

If simply working long hours was the key to success, there would undoubtedly be many more billionaires. Why is this the case? Ultimately, the answer to this question is the difference between struggling financially and becoming a billionaire. However, the purpose of this book is not to tell you exactly how to become a billionaire, but to identify approaches that highly successful billionaires have taken on their path to success.

Table of Contents


The Trump Rule: Solve Big Problems

The Musk Rule: How to Focus on Your Select Few

The Branson Rule: Strategic Priorities

The Jobs Rule: The Power of One

The Buffett Rule: Work in 90 Minute Sprints

The Zuckerberg Rule: Rising and Setting Rituals

The Slim Rule: Learn less, study more